This WordPress page is at the moment a prototype portfolio made in connection with my studies at the CphBusiness Academy.

As such I supposed to evaluate it, which is what this page is meant for.

  • Did I reach my goals?
    • In broad terms, “yes” I did reach my goals, however maybe not as efficiently as I would have liked. There are a lot things on the WordPress page that I could have improved on, like for instance the areas of the page explaining me intentions, hopes etc.
  • What have I learned through this project?
    • Throughout the project I have learned a lot about HTML and CSS. These where some of the areas where I had some background knowledge already, but the previous few weeks have really peaked my interest, and I’ve as a result been spending more time with it at home.
      I already knew quite a bit about design principles and as such, don’t feel that I’ve learned much new throughout the past weeks, but even so, the revision has still been beneficial.
  • Is there anything that I am particularly proud of?
    • The effort put in to the HTML page is pretty good if you ask me. I’ve learned a lot of stuff that wasn’t covered during the lessons and I feel more confident in that area now, as a result.

The “Learning” page will branch out to sub-pages as I get more content to review.