Hello, I am Mikkel Julian ”Arks” Petersen and I am 21 a y/o, Danish, designer.

I am currently studying Multimedia design at CphBusiness Academy in Lyngby.

In 2016 I finished my General Upper Secondary Education, the Higher Technical Examination (HTX) at Zealand Business College (ZBC) in Vordingborg, with focus on the subjects Design B and Communication/IT A.

In addition to those subjects, my curriculum also contained a year of Innovation C, Programming C and Design and Production, Electricity A.

At the end of the program, I was one of two students to receive a specially written recommendation, for my efforts and results in the subject of Design.

When I work I am very detail orientated and I like to see structure at the beginning and end of every project I work with. I like difficult tasks as they let me learn more about my capabilities and I am very engaged during group work. While I always am eager to learn more about design, I am pretty confident in my theoretical knowledge in several areas of design, including: graphic-, product-, architectural- and communication design.

With the education I am currently undergoing, I hope to expand my knowledge of multimedia design extensively and ultimately become a valuable member or leader of a team of designers.

In my spare time, I study game development and game design, and the past few years I have developed a small passion for pixel-art and indie games. mr_doodle-trans

As of currently I am employed by Active Gaming Media Inc. working as a freelancer, translating one of their IP’s published through Playism.